Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Many Are Doomed To Repeat History Apparently

With the recent activities down in Ferguson MO. following a Grand Juries refusal to indict the cop who shot the thug and the subsequent and quite predictable rioting , looting and the burning of businesses to the ground I have been seeing over and over again a Race War narrative all over the place.
The Blogs are hosting flame wars left and right, the racists are coming out of the woodwork on both sides of the issue and the Liberal Media is dishing it out by the barrel full daily.
The usual suspects are trashing White Folks and the White Folks are Trashing the Mexicans, it's just been jaw droppingly entertaining to watch.

What all these people have in common is that they are being played like a Stratovarius.

While all this bickering is going on, those who would rule the world are quietly laughing in their expensive Scotch at all the rubes who are suddenly too busy fighting amongst themselves, again, to pay any attention to anything else going on around them.

Y'all is a bunch of suckers and I have three words for you that everyone seems to have forgotten

Divide And Conquer.

The plans are running right on schedule and you are all too busy calling people names to see the train pulling up to the station.

Pull your heads out people.


  1. Thanks Phil, sorry I got my nose out joint. You are absolutely right here. Look at how Hitler got into power. Look at how the communists took over Russia. This whole mess in Missouri is just part of the plan. For that matter, look at how Obama spins things. Everything he has done was done to foist discord. Hell, look at Congress.....seems to me that if an elected official does something illegal they out to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.....just how many times has that happened in the present administration as well as in Congress? Time to awahen America!!! Sadly, I don't think that will happen. Sad.

  2. Digging this place Phil. I'm adding it to the blog roll if you don't mind Sir.

  3. The murder in nyc is also part of the overall plan, imo, for the upcoming fracas. Stay Safe, Phil.