Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some People Are Born With It, Were You?

There are now so many laws on the books in this country that not one person on this earth could tell you how many there actually are and new ones are being passed every year.

You can't walk down the sidewalk without breaking some kind of law anymore.

People are conditioned from an early age not to break the rules and there are those who take great pleasure in reinforcing this with violence.
Age and sex are no barrier,they will break bones, maim and even kill children if they are in the wrong place at the right time.
All with the full backing and blanket immunity of the Police State.

Go read what Sam K. is saying, you need to condition yourself to start breaking these unnecessary rules and laws in order to get back what they have taken, your birth rights as free people with unalienable rights of liberty.

This is not a game, this is the core of what America is supposed to be and what has been stolen from you, one ridiculous law at a time.

Here is the money shot, you need to go read the whole thing to get the full gist of what we are talking about.

Face this fact: Evil men have criminalized Liberty.

You can not live at Liberty in America today without becoming a criminal.

You will never know Liberty in America without dismissing many laws, committing many felonies, and being willing to physically fight the men who mean to stand between you and your Creator.

You'd better begin ramping up.

You'd better begin to Click-On.

Every day. Every single day you must become harder, smarter, less affected by the taunt of Criminal! You must become immune to the stigma of their labels. You must take more responsibility for your own Liberty, for it is your Obligation to defend your Creator and His gifts to you.

You must break their rules.

Or you will remain upon your knees, licking the hands that feed you.

That is not a life worth living.

Never before has been being called an Outlaw been more of a badge of honor when it comes to stomping out tyranny.

Be smart about it, you don't just run out and be stupid, they will cut you down before you know what happened.

There is an art to being an Outlaw, there is a certain nuance true Outlaws are born with.
Knowing what they can get away with and when.
It's not something easily articulated.
It is, however, easily recognized in others, especially if you are one blessed with the Outlaw gene.

You can still be an Outlaw and have a strict code of ethics, the law breaking is aimed at those who artificially restrict your liberty and not the population in general.

There is an awakening happening in this country finally, those who would be your masters have overstepped their authority too many times and there are too many innocent victims out there now.
That is going to be their undoing, hurting the innocent. The innocent have relatives and kin.
Some of those kinfolk have seen enough.

Some of those kinfolk have had enough.

Those kinfolk are talking to each other.

Ever day you see another story about police abuse in this country.
Now you are starting to see stories here and there of those kinfolk hunting police and stories about police officers being killed.

Sam Kerodin speaks of patterns in his piece.

Start noticing some of the pieces are falling into place right in front of your eyes,every single day now.

The Revolution is being waged as you read this, that is what those pieces represent.

Here's to a thumb in the eye of tyranny and a great big Fuck You to those who would try to keep you trembling in fear of your own shadow.

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