Friday, July 17, 2015

The Silence From The Left Is Deafening

After the media frenzy and the pants wetting that happened all week last week from all the permanently butt hurt hypocrites on The Left about not only having the Confederate flag removed from everywhere possible but clear down to the absolutely ridiculous calls for tearing down National Monuments and even renaming cities that had anything to do with the Confederacy, the only sound I hear about this is crickets.

It’s Time To Take Down Any Muslim or Islamic Flags That Fly Anywhere In The United States

After the shooting at the church in Charleston (which somehow was designated a black church, which I found divisive and offensive and could very well bea motivation for a disenfranchised shooter) everyone acted swiftly to take down all imagery of the Confederate flag. Why this action followed the shooting is unclear, but it set a precedent.
In the wake of the Chattanooga shooting, by a Muslim, I call for the removal of all Islamic flags or imagery from the United States.
Islam has a history of terrorist acts that extend back as far as its inception. Islam has been a problem for the United States since its inception.
I feel that the flags and imagery of Islam are a trigger for me and causes me a lot of consternation. I get upset looking at it.
It’s time to do the right thing and remove all Islamic flags and imagery.
Thank you.

Due to the fact that there are already so many of these imbecilic and ear shattering hypocrites out there wasting my oxygen with their relentless outraged screaming about things they feel represent hatred and bigotry, you can bet I won't be holding my breath for long waiting for any kind of response from these people after pointing out their hypocrisy on this.

H/T to Irish for the link.
Outstanding catch sir.