Friday, May 29, 2015

A New Search Engine That Protects Privacy, Blocks MSM News Sites, Corporate Propagandists, Favors Alternative News And Won't Give Information To The NSA

This looks very interesting and I am definitely going to check this out strenuously.

Health Ranger launches world's first search engine that favors New Media while banning corporate and government propaganda: GoodGopher.com

(NaturalNews) The official beta launch announcement is here! The world's first privacy-protecting search engine that bans corporate propaganda and government disinformation is now ready for webmasters to submit their sites for indexing. The name of the new search engine? Good Gopher! (www.GoodGopher.com)

GoodGopher is the first and only search engine in the world that intentionally favors New Media / Independent Media / Alternative Media websites like Breitbart.com, The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald), Tom Woods (www.TomWoods.com) and TruthStreamMedia (www.TruthStreamMedia.com). GoodGopher will also selectively spider selected international news sites that have a reputation for fearless reporting on world events, such as RT (Russia Today), Der Spiegel and Al Jazeera.

Fake news sources like MSNBC are banned from the engine, as are all other websites pushing corporate propaganda or government disinfo. Sorry, National Geographic. Peddle your Monsanto mockingbird propaganda somewhere else...

In essence, all the websites which have been blackballed by Google News for reporting the truth are favored and highlighted on GoodGopher.com.

New Media webmasters are invited to submit their sites now to GoodGopher.com. Site crawling and indexing begins immediately.

GoodGopher will be available as a public search engine after a few weeks of crawling. Watch GoodGopher.com or NaturalNews.com for an announcement of search availability.

If you have a Blog or evn if you don't and just have a favorite site, you can enter the  URL at

_____________________           GoodGopher.com         ______________________________

and they will start their Web Crawlers looking at it for computing it's ranking in their Search Results for when it opens to the public.

This is a very welcome development in that this is what Google could have done if they had the moral integrity they say they do.

You all are going to LOVE this next part!
In an era where 70% of the advertising revenue for mainstream media comes from drug companies -- yes, Big Pharma "owns" mainstream media -- GoodGopher bans all pharmaceutical ads. We refuse to take money from corporations that are poisoning our children with psychiatric drugs while using children as human guinea pigs in unethical medical experiments.

We also ban ads from the Clinton Foundation and other criminal enterprises attempting to occupy the highest levels of American government. (Obviously, GoodGopher also bans all advertising from Monsanto, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs and basically any organization that has funneled substantial funds to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.)

My emphasis.

Now we're talking.

I already submitted this place and  Vulgar Curmudgeon and I'm thinking they need to get swamped with III% sites, eh?

Go ahead, do your part here.

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